Sunday, July 24, 2011

forgiveness, resurrection and all that is right with the world

I cant apologize enough for the lack of posts. you folks were nice enough to let me be a part of this thang and I've been slacking on the blog front. In my defense, summers up here are short and this ones been sweet, so you gotta get out and do it. I've sold off all the cages i had in my possession and have since put about 4,000 miles on a resurrected bone stock 1980 kz550 in the last two months as my daily rider more to come in later post on that one. for now a little teaser of a gift just received ...... more to follow.

time not spent riding has mostly been spent with a wrench in my hand a couple projects Ive got in the works.....

nice beard Dan

congratulations on the new addition to your beautifull family

much respect

black rob

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